We Secured $2.3m Investment!

Contingent has big plans to deliver our proactive, third party monitoring platform to more customers around the world.

“There’s never been a greater need to ensure our supply chains are robust and fit for purpose, and this fresh capital injection will ensure our customers have the tools they need to deliver operational resilience,” said CEO Tai Alegbe.

That’s why we’ve secured a $2.3m of seed funding led by Connect Ventures with participation from Seedcamp, Concentric and Angel Invest Ventures.

We already operate in a wide range of markets, including financial services, defence, banking, healthcare and technology, with customers including Monzo, payments provider Vyne, Seagate and several HM Government departments.

We’ve helped these customers map, manage and monitor their suppliers, providing detailed insights into their supply chains as well as reducing the administrative strain on their procurement teams.

But we’re not stopping there! As Rory Stirling, General Partner at Connect Ventures said: “The COVID-19 epidemic has shone a light on the fragility of our supply chains, so this is the perfect time for Connect to lend our support, expertise and network to Tai and his team as they help strengthen the ecosystem.”

We’re investing this money into product development to expand the number of key supply chain risk parameters that you’ll be able to use during the assessment and risk management process. We want you to have all the analytics you need to be sure of the resilience in your supply chain. That’s why we’re also working on integrating our platform with more enterprise systems.

Tai Alegbe added, “to put it simply, traditional third-party risk management solutions have significant shortcomings, relying on static and reactive monitoring of suppliers which inevitably leads to inaccurate insights. That’s why we’ll be investing heavily in R&D and creating new enterprise partnerships so more users have access to our proactive monitoring capabilities and deep insights and analytics.”

To make sure you see the results as quickly as possible, we’ll be doubling our headcount within the next 12 months!


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