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Small and medium-sized companies are drowning in data, theory and high-level content that offers very few actionable steps. Companies need focused advice to get started e.g. what calculator to use? What measurement framework is relevant for your industry? Which scopes (1,2,3) to include? Start building a plan today.

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Net Zero FAQs for Small & Medium Businesses

  • What does Net Zero mean?
    Put simply, Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. A business reaches Net Zero when the amount it adds is no more than the amount taken away.

  • What are greenhouse gases (GHGs)?
    They are gases in the earth’s atmosphere that trap heat. This trapping of heat is vital for sustaining our climate and ultimately life on earth. However, human and therefore business activities have increased the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, causing an increased greenhouse effect, resulting in global warming and climate change. Common GHGs: Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane, Nitrous oxide, Water vapour.

  • What does carbon footprint mean?
    Your business's carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are released as a result of your business activities. All types of businesses produce GHGs including smaller, service-based companies. Often these companies can achieve reductions with some simple quick wins!

  • How can a business reduce its carbon footprint?
    Practical measures like recycling and cycling to work can all make a difference, especially for smaller businesses. There are also more strategic considerations like choosing more sustainable suppliers (scope 3) and investing in more efficient equipment. See below for how we can help your business.

  • How to make the office more sustainable?
    A key part of making your office more sustainable is reducing your carbon footprint, so the practical measures above, as well as buying second-hand furniture and swapping in more efficient light bulbs can all help. But sustainability also covers social aspects like diversity & inclusion and modern slavery policies. See below for how we can help your business.


An expert-powered platform to focus in on your Net Zero goals & take action

Confidence & Support to take action on Net Zero

  • Allocated your own personal dedicated 'Sustainability Advisor' 
  • Haven't calculated your emissions yet? No problem. Your Advisor will help you choose a calculator, collect data and set reduction goals
  • Access to a library of practical resources, guides and tools with guidance from your Advisor for every step of your Net Zero journey


Build Momentum by Tracking Net Zero Progress

  • Gain access to a dashboard view with the Contingent platform to help track all progress made by your team
  • Collaborate more effectively by allocating tasks to specific members of the team, inviting them to individual initiatives like measuring carbon emissions, setting baseline & creating a reduction plan
  • Access to day-to-day generated reports helping showcase your Net Zero journey


Benefits of Telling your Net Zero Story

  • Easily meet and exceed the expectations of customers by presenting your progress
  • Socialise your success with team members, executives and the board
  • Demonstrate to your customers that you're prioritising sustainability, improve your brand & market positioning